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Newly translated ancient Egyptian hangover cure is more embarrassing than your hangover

The remedy recommended the "victim" string together leaves from an Alexandrian Laurel shrub and wear them around their neck to ease the pain

Boston bombing amputee completes this year's marathon on prosthetic leg

Two years ago, Rebekah Gregory DiMartino was standing by the finish line of the Boston marathon when a bomb, planted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan, exploded in front of her

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Study says dehydration causes as many driving errors as alcohol

If you want to be a safe driver, you don't just have to cap your beer intake and get enough sleep — it turns out you need to drink plenty of water, too. 

Student 'manipulates' body to fit beauty ideals in stop-motion project

University of Oklahoma media art student Kelsey Highley decided to explore what would happen if our bodies could be easily manipulated to satisfy those often-unrealistic ideals

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The surprisingly accurate predictions social media can make about our health

Public health officials are increasingly turning to social media for updates that can predict health outcomes for everything from heart disease to depression.

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Muscle-building supplements increase risk of testicular cancer by 65 percent

A concerning new study has found a connection between use of muscle-building supplements and the risk of developing testicular cancer

Image: Facebook/Aydian Ethan Downling

Transgender bodybuilder leading race for men's magazine cover

Transgender male Aydian Ethan Dowling is currently leading the race to win Men's Health magazine's "Ultimate Guy" competition, which would make him the first trans model to appear on the magazine's much-coveted cover.

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Fat fears scaring women off quitting smoking, study says

If you view cigarettes as the key to keeping you in your skinny jeans then you’re much less likely to try and give up