PSA reveals bizarre new reason not to smoke

A U.S. anti-smoking campaign uses humour to deter teens from taking up the habit

Famous Coca-Cola jingle gets a dark remake

Fast forward almost 45 years and apparently all the recipients of that well-intentioned gesture are suffering from type-2 diabetes, tooth decay and obesity

Game-changing campaign wins big in Cannes

Game-changing social campaign wins big in Cannes

The inspiring 'This Girl Can' series has been rewarded for its message this week

96-year-old dancer stuns America's Got Talent panel with her moves

Last week, Porchon-Lynch took time out from teaching in White Plains, New York, to compete for a place on America's Got Talent

Walking away: treadmill desks aren't all they're cracked up to be

A new study has raised some practical concerns about mixing work and walking

How to get enough of the 'sunshine vitamin' in winter

With so much of your skin hidden away under layers of clothing, how do you ensure your body's getting its fill of vitamin D?


Squats, bicep curls and chest-presses could ward off lung and breast cancer in women

Certain exercises can do more than just build a booty – they've been shown to cut the risk of both lung and breast cancer by up to 30 percent


Why you can't lose weight from your hips and thighs

Stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are celebrated for rocking their curvaceous booties, but for many ordinary Aussies, the derriere is still the cause of much derision

Man credits Taylor Swift for his 180kg weight loss

Man credits Taylor Swift for massive 180kg weight loss

At the age of 30, Ronnie Brower received a grim diagnosis: lose weight you won't live to see your 35th birthday

'Cancer assassins' hunt down and destroy malignant cells

'Assassin' T-cell hunts down, kills cancer cell

According to the Cambridge University video, there are around five million T cells in just one teaspoon of our blood