A green smoothie

How your green smoothie could be key to beating Alzheimer’s

New findings suggest a daily dose of greenery may protect against cognitive decline

Man has 30kg excess skin after losing over 175kg

Man left with 14kg excess skin after losing 181kg – could it have been prevented?

In 2012, Brian Flemming was a chronic alcoholic who ate over 7000 calories a day. His weight ballooned to 283kg until Jackie, a woman he met playing games online, inspired him to change his life.

Easiest weight loss tip ever to cut the calories in rice by up to 60 percent

If you're watching your weight but loathe the thought of a stir-fry or curry sans rice, then praise the work of Sri Lankan researchers who have found a way to reduce the calories of rice by up to 60 percent.

Raw milk drastically increases risk of foodborne illness, study says

Even if you wanted to drink raw milk, you'd have a hard time finding it at the moment — unless you knew somebody with a cow.

What Angelina Jolie's ovary removal surgery involved, and what it means for women at risk

When doctors picked up some inflammatory markers this year, which could have been a sign of early cancer, they suggested the Hollywood star see a surgeon.

Brain hack: Take a power nap to improve your memory five-fold

Forget ordering a stack of colourful post-it notes next time your office coordinator is stocking up on office supplies — try asking them for a bed, hammock or perhaps a futon to help your workplace productivity.

Let there be light: Sunshine could save our eyesight and mental health, but electric light at night could be killing us

As soon as the sun starts to set, lightswitches flick on in most Australian homes so we can continue going about our days. But that doesn't seem to be what Mother Nature intended.

How your personality affects what you eat

If you're wondering why your friend can be satisfied with one square of chocolate while you're prone to polish off the whole block, pause for a second and consider your personality differences.

Get a second opinion: Breast cancer biopsies often misdiagnosed

Women diagnosed with breast cancer may want to get a second opinion after a study found that working pathologists occasionally misdiagnose deadly breast cancers, and frequently miss abnormal cells that could lead to breast cancer.

Google patent application confirms tech giant's plans to cure cancer

A cancer-curing wristband is not a bad way to kick off their path to tech redemption.