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The surprisingly accurate predictions social media can make about our health

Public health officials are increasingly turning to social media for updates that can predict health outcomes for everything from heart disease to depression.

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Muscle-building supplements increase risk of testicular cancer by 65 percent

A concerning new study has found a connection between use of muscle-building supplements and the risk of developing testicular cancer

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Transgender bodybuilder leading race for men's magazine cover

Transgender male Aydian Ethan Dowling is currently leading the race to win Men's Health magazine's "Ultimate Guy" competition, which would make him the first trans model to appear on the magazine's much-coveted cover.

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Fat fears scaring women off quitting smoking, study says

If you view cigarettes as the key to keeping you in your skinny jeans then you’re much less likely to try and give up

Exploding head syndrome is real, and it affects more people than previously thought

During deep sleep, sufferers experience a loud bang, like a bomb exploding or cymbals clashing, or may even experience the rumble of an explosion or the flash of a bright light.

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How your green smoothie could be key to beating Alzheimer’s

New findings suggest a daily dose of greenery may protect against cognitive decline

Man has 30kg excess skin after losing over 175kg

Man left with 14kg excess skin after losing 181kg – could it have been prevented?

In 2012, Brian Flemming was a chronic alcoholic who ate over 7000 calories a day. His weight ballooned to 283kg until Jackie, a woman he met playing games online, inspired him to change his life.

Easiest weight loss tip ever to cut the calories in rice by up to 60 percent

If you're watching your weight but loathe the thought of a stir-fry or curry sans rice, then praise the work of Sri Lankan researchers who have found a way to reduce the calories of rice by up to 60 percent.