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Lesbian couple's stunning maternity portraits go viral

Lesbian couple Melanie and Vanessa Iris Roy have found viral fame after they shared their side-by-side maternity portraits on Instagram

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Babies feel pain four times stronger than adults

Australian hospitals are leading the way when it comes to administering pain relief for babies following surgery.

Six-year-old’s pill-taking routine goes viral

Six-year-old's daily pill routine goes viral

Heidi O'Brien was trying to "bribe" her son, Jesse, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, to complete his daily course of medication by promising to upload the video to Facebook when he was done

Devoted dad says 'flying' baby changed his family for the better

17-month-old Wil has Down sydnrome. His dad explains how his arrival changed their family for the better

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Dad's viral Facebook post for young son battling congenital heart defect

In his seven short years, Carter Gentle has undergone five open-heart surgeries to treat a congenital heart defect.

Anti-vaccination mum recants after seven children contract whooping cough

Seven children of former anti-vaccination mother contract whooping cough

A Canadian mother who recently changed her stance on vaccinations has told a local news outlet that all seven of her children contracted whooping cough before they had completed all of their recommended vaccinations.

Having kids do the dishes protects against allergy development

It's every parent's dream — a scientifically backed reason to make your kids work for their pocket money.

It's not just magic: How Harry Potter is good for our health

Muggles still clinging to hopes of receiving a letter from Hogwarts will be pleased to know that J.K. Rowling's wildly successful series actually has some magical real-world applications.

Truth bomb: Punishing kids for lying won't make them truth-tellers

If you want your kids to tell the truth, new research suggests you shouldn't threaten to punish them for lying.