Repeating words to infants boosts future language skills

A new study shows the way you speak to your child matters just as much as how often

Adorable AFL fan proposes to her favourite player (he said yes)

The little tyke was participating in a half-time AusKick kids event at one of last week's matches when she had her chance to pop the question

How Peppa Pig could be to blame for childhood obesity

Plump cartoon characters could be to blame for kids' overconsumption of food, a new study says

Heart-warming commercial sees mens' emotional reactions to becoming a dad

If one brand has nailed the art of tugging at the heart strings as a means of having you purchase their products, it's Dove


Computer games could actually be key in keeping kids fit

Findings suggest computer games may actually be a better source of physical activity than playing outside

Cristiano Ronaldo works out with his son

Cristiano Ronaldo recruits young son for adorable backyard abs workout

f you're not prepared for Real Madrid football star, world-class athlete and all-round Very Attractive Person Cristiano Renaldo to tear at your feeble heart strings, look away now

Dads and daughters team up for fearless snowboard show

Two-year-old Kinsley and her 'snowboarding friend' Emma, 4, are shown doing some impressive flips and tricks, all with the help of their doting dads

Little Earthling Photography

The Superhero Project turns kids with special needs into pint-sized superstars

US-based photographer and mum offers hero unique services to the families of special needs children

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Study shows babies as young as six months old regularly using tablets and smartphones

A US study has found that more than a third of babies are using smartphones and tablets before they can walk or talk. 

'My kid can't eat this': Parents share kids' hilarious excuses for refusing food

A novel Instagram account collates funny and frustrating submissions from social media-savvy parents using the #mykidcanteatthis hashtag