Fit Mum

What it looks like to give birth in 3D

The miracle of birth has never looked so incredible – or painful – as it does in three dimensions.

Think you might be pregnant? Time to check your Fitbit

Just when you thought that fitness trackers had reached peak creepiness, there's this: a man claims he discovered his wife was pregnant after trying to troubleshoot her Fitbit.

Mum attempts to dress triplets and toddler with spectacular skill

With a smile on her face, a mother tries to dress Emily the toddler and her three triplets siblings, Jackson, Olivia and Levi.

Baby cushion mimics human shoulder sparks social media controversy

Controversial baby product dividing mothers

The Babocush, which mimics a human shoulder, was criticised on Facebook by some parents.

Science confirms pregnancy is the perfect excuse to eat chocolate

It's one of the major cravings during pregnancy, and now science has confirmed that chocolate can help the growth of your baby.

Mum breastfeeds her baby while pole dancing

Pole dancing is challenging. Breastfeeding a baby is challenging. So pole dancing while breastfeeding your baby...

90 percent of two-year-olds don't get enough exercise

British research has shown that kids are more likely to be in front of the iPad than being outside.

'Baby whisperer' puts infant to sleep with head massage

Facebook video of a woman massaging a baby's face to lull it to sleep has been viewed more than 4 million times.

Premature twins can't stop holding hands after birth

Anthea Jackson-Rushford shared video of her premature twins Kristian and Kristiana holding hands after birth.

Stretching for new mums: Kayla Itsines's at-home workout

Kayla Itsines runs through a series of stretches new mothers can do at home.