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Study says breastfed bubs grow up smarter and richer – but is it just putting pressure on new mums?

A large–scale study showing that people who are breastfed as babies grow up to have higher IQs and earn more money by the time they are 30 has just been published by a Brazilian university.

'One Day Young' photo series captures mums and bubs during their first day together

Lewis' book contains 40 portraits of mother and child, which were selected from a collection of over 150 images taken over five years.

Could downward dog ease postnatal depression?

Yogis have been spruiking the mental health benefits of the ancient Indian practice for centuries — and science is continuing to back their claims.

Could excess weight gain in pregnancy be to blame for childhood obesity?

Mothers who gain more than just "baby weight" are 300 percent more likely to have an obese child, according to Columbia University researchers.

Mothers banned from breastfeeding at breastfeeding conference

You'd think a conference designed to promote breastfeeding would welcome nursing mothers and their babies, but you'd be wrong.

Delay cutting umbilical cord by two minutes to give babies a better start to life: study

Waiting a couple of minutes to cut the umbilical cord of a newborn baby could improve their health, according to Spanish researchers who found the delay improves babies' resistance to oxidative stress.

Pregnant women who use plastic products could be harming their unborn babies' IQ

Certain plastics may join soft cheeses, sushi and booze on the list of items blacklisted for pregnant women, after studies continue to find that chemicals contained within them could be harmful to unborn babies.

Conceiving through IVF 10 times harder in your forties

Researchers from the University of California have found it's 10 times more difficult to become pregnant at age 43 than at 37, suggesting women wanting to achieve successful pregnancies should be freezing their eggs at a younger age.

Extreme weather blamed for decreased birth rate of baby boys

Extreme weather events could be detrimental to male foetuses, altering the ratio of female to male babies born in some countries.

Taking paracetamol during pregnancy puts babies at risk of ADHD: study

Babies born to mothers who took paracetamol when they were pregnant appear to have a higher chance of emotional and behavioural difficulties including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to New Zealand researchers.