Man takes a selfie for every mile of the Pacific Crest Trail

A selfie for every mile of gruelling US hike

Hiker Andy Davidhazy had nothing but a camera and 2660 opportunities for a selfie

100 years of fitness in 100 seconds

Woman re-enacts 100 years of fitness in 100 seconds

Our motivation to stay in shape and idea of the "perfect" body has changed so many times in the course of a century that it often drives change in the way we work out. In the video above, Health insurance company Benenden Health has charted 100 years of these fitness fads in just 100 seconds.

Garmin Style Collection activity tracker


The latest and greatest health and fitness products, from active wear and at-home gym equipment to fitness trackers and wearable tech.

Study says breastfed bubs grow up smarter and richer – but is it just putting pressure on new mums?

A large–scale study showing that people who are breastfed as babies grow up to have higher IQs and earn more money by the time they are 30 has just been published by a Brazilian university.

'One Day Young' photo series captures mums and bubs during their first day together

Lewis' book contains 40 portraits of mother and child, which were selected from a collection of over 150 images taken over five years.

Could downward dog ease postnatal depression?

Yogis have been spruiking the mental health benefits of the ancient Indian practice for centuries — and science is continuing to back their claims.

Sorry, existence of a miracle human 'exercise hormone' is probably a myth

Named for the ancient Greek messenger goddess, Iris, irisin was breathlessly declared as a possible key to fighting everything from diabetes to obesity and even breast cancer, perhaps even becoming available in one-size-fits-all pill-form in The Future.

Could excess weight gain in pregnancy be to blame for childhood obesity?

Mothers who gain more than just "baby weight" are 300 percent more likely to have an obese child, according to Columbia University researchers.