Tennis greats recreate iconic Sampras/Agassi ad in the middle of New York City

Back in 1995, tennis legends and infamous rivals Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi set their on-court differences aside to film a guerrilla pop-up match for Nike in the middle of New York City

Motivated man filmed in awkward workout

A motivated (yet largely misguided) man's unique use of a lat-pulldown machine in Washington, D.C., has been filmed by a curious observer

Roller-surfers not content with regular old surfing

Spanish aqua-aerobics instructor nails Beyoncé routine

The performance, captured by resort visitor Beckyboo Wells, has been viewed over 1.5 million times

Enthusiastic gym bro has no idea what he's doing

His enthusiasm for exercise isn't quite enough to make up for the fact that he has no idea what he's doing

Indian dance troupe takes top title at World of Dance 2015

Underdog crew dominates championship with mesmerising routine

Why you should incorporate high-intensity activity into your exercise regime

HIIT is just one of the many ways you can get fit and healthy for your big event, so you can feel the confidence you deserve

Sole of success: How looking after your feet could enhance your workout (and your life)

When it comes to working out, we tend to be so focused on burning our biceps, triceps, abs and thighs that our poor old feet get forgotten

Jogger's French Alps run not for the faint of heart

Clumsy runners and acrophobes take note: this sport is definitely not for you. In fact, this video may not even be for you.  French filmmaker and resident mountain guide Sébastien Montaz-Rosset has been navigating the dizzyingly steep contours of this famous alpine terrain for his entire life—and it shows (i.e. don't try this at home—or, more specifically, don't try this when holidaying in the French Alps). This breath-taking footage of a typical "evening run" sees Montaz-Rosset fearlessly traversing the tightrope-thin summit of a mountain, sandwiched between near-vertical drops so scary it will make your palms sweat.

Strongman demonstrates how to rip phonebooks, bend nails

Forget those previous so-called feats of strength you've seen floating about the inter-web. They're doing it wrong. They're doing it the easy way. They're stupid. This lean, phonebook-slashing machine of a man goes by the name of Chris "Wonder" Schoeck. He may not fit your typical Hulk mould, but the professional strongman makes a very compelling case for "pure strength", and won't stop until he's put all those other internet weaklings to shame—or at the very least, embarrassed every one of his production staff. Watch to see how you too can impress friends with utterly pointless acts of raw power and might.