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Acrobatic duo take tandem surfing to another level

As Australians, incredible displays of surfing prowess are part of our day-to-day lives. But friends Lauren Oiye and Chuck Inman have taken the sport to the next level, absolutely thrashing the competition at the Tandem Surfing competition this week in Waikiki, Hawaii. The pair use a combination of gymnastic manoeuvres and sheer strength to carry off the stunts, which won them the 2012 ITSA World Tandem Tour and 2012 ISA World Championship titles. "We attempted to create lifts that have never been done before," Oiye said after the event. "This year we are so excited that many of those lifts we have created will be scored on the new lift chart."

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Teen world champ has insane inline skating skills

Polish skater Klaudia Hartmanis took out the title for the Freestyle Battle at the World Slalom Series in Paris on July 19, where her insane inline skills were on display. The 19-year-old freestyle skater has quite a rap sheet, and is currently sitting second in the women's Freestyle Slalom rankings. She was named vice European champion in the exhilarating Freestyle Battle in 2014, and vice world champion in the pairs competition just one year earlier. It might be time to dust off those old rollerblades...


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