Woman lifts weights of up too 100kg – at seven months pregnant

Mother-to-be lifts 100kg weights – at seven months pregnant

While expecting the arrival of her first child in a matter of weeks, 39-year-old Katja is spending up to 12 hours a week working out

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Extreme morning sickness linked to developmental problems in kids

US research has found that children born to mothers suffering from HG are more likely to have attention disorders, speech delays and language problems.

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'Fat yoga' is fitness with big ambition

'Fat yoga' instructors aim to encourage health and wellbeing in people of all shapes and sizes


The latest and greatest health and fitness products, from active wear and at-home gym equipment to fitness trackers and wearable tech.

Weightlifter refuses to be called 'cute'

Don't call this weightlifter 'cute'

Samantha Wright is a US gymnast-turned-weightlifter who achieved "internet semi-stardom" not for her athletic feats but for being "cute" — and she's not happy about it.

Mums 'take back postpartum' through social media

New mothers are sharing images of 'real' life after birth using the hashtag #takebackpostpartum

Teeny's tiny canine workout is your #fitspo for today

Dog trainer Eric Ko teaches Teeny a tiny canine fitness program

Journalist pledges "to go from fat to fit"

255kg journalist's pledge to "go from fat to fit" goes viral

But Finney's most recent column has gone viral because it's unlike anything he's published before

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How much we weigh at birth can predict our future health

When we consider things like career success and health, we like to think the ball is in our court. If we study and work hard, we can scale the career ladder and if we eat healthy and exercise plenty, then good health is ours for the taking.

'Strong is the new pretty': Mum's lesson for her young daughters results in stunning photo series

Kate T Parker's photographs of her daughters captures them just as they are: silly, adventureous, frustrated, happy, loud, athletic, fierce, funny