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10 indulgent food swaps that wont break the calorie bank

It's a truth universally acknowledged that, unfortunately, anything that tastes good probably isn't very good for you

Pizza boxes and greaseproof packaging could be deadly: international scientists

International scientists are suggesting that what our food is packaged in or cooked on could seriously impact our health

Diet by osmosis: Meet the healthy aussies beefing up your instagram feed

Gone are the days of forking our for dust-collecting cookbooks to get your health-food fix

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What you can learn from the diet Beyoncé says whipped her into the 'best shape of her life'

Queen Bey says the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, inspired the lifestyle overhaul she undertook with husband Jay Z


The surprisingly simple kitchen changes that can make you healthier

If you want "healthy" to be your default food setting, you had better put a fruit bowl on clear display in your home

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Protein powder explained: How you can get your 'beach body' without fancy powders

ninemsn Coach spoke with dietitian and nutritionist Jaime Rose about the role of protein in both wholefoods and powdered form


Trick yourself healthy: how to shop for your waistline

A series of new studies out of Cornell University have found that shoppers who ate an apple before grocery shopping made significantly healthier food choices

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Everything we thought we knew about calorie counting is probably wrong

If you're trying to diet, you might shocked to know that many of the calorie or kilojoule counts that appear on food labels are actually wrong — particularly when it comes to high fibre and protein-rich foods.

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Have scientists figured out how to 'switch off' hunger?

If you've ever wondered why your friend can remain un-phased if a waiter is slow on meal delivery, while you consider snacking on serviettes if your pizza takes too long, then this new research might explain a few things

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Nadia Lim's fish tacos with mango, coriander and tomato salsa with avocado quinoa salad

Nadia Lim's fish tacos are Friday night fast food with a healthy, fresh twist