Five ways to lock in a lifetime of healthy eating

Forget calorie counting or strict dieting and make these easy tweaks to get you on the path to health for life

Susie Burrell's 'bliss balls for your eyeballs'

To raise awareness of Macular Degeneration (MD) this Week, Specsavers has teamed up with leading dietician and nutritionist, Susie Burrell

Teresa Boyce's hommus chocolate truffles

If you are feeling adventurous and need a chocolate fix, try this unusual yet yummy chocolate truffle treat

Teresa Boyce’s baked eggs with hommus

Super easy to make and packed with hunger-busting protein, these tasty eggs will keep you satisfied throughout the morning

Why meal-skippers can kiss those hard-won abs goodbye

Evidence emerges missing meals could actually be responsible for plumping up your mid-section


The new health food pyramid is 'the only way you need to eat'

The food pyramid that so many of us grew up with has had its first makeover in 15 years, with junk food completely removed and grains taken out of the "eat most" section

Images courtesy of Bodyism

James Duigan's chicken, asparagus and cashew nut stirfry

A stir-fry can be as healthy as the ingredients you put in it

Images courtesy of Bodyism

James Duigan's mackerel salad with wild rice, spiced pecans and avocado

This nutritious mackerel salad is packed full of vitamins that help to replenish a stressed body

Photography: Sneh Roy

Taline Gabrielian's ice-cream-centred chocolate cakes

These ice-cream-centered chocolate cakes are a go-to treat when you're feeling indulgent

Jamie Oliver raps for Food Revolution Day

Jamie Oliver raps in the Food Revolution Day song nobody asked for

May 15 is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day, with his questionable foray into hip-hop released to mark the occasion