How TB was treated before antibiotics – and how it might be treated again after the 'antibiotics apocalypse'

Tuberculosis was treated using a "fresh air cure" before antibiotics were introduced to fight it in the 1940s.

Why is it so hard to gain fitness but so easy to lose it?

You'd think there would be an evolutionary advantage for us to hang onto our fitness for as long as possible. But Professor Robert Newton, co-director of the Edith Cowan University Health and Wellness Institute, points out that our caveman ancestors never lazed on couches or had two weeks in Bali.

How to train (and recover) like a Navy SEAL

If you had to name the most badass profession in the world, and multi-millionaire playboy astronaut was taken, you would undoubtedly say navy SEAL.

High-Tech Fitness Apparel to keep you light and dry

We take a look at the summer season's most technical workout gear.


                                                            things you eat every day you forgot are superfoods</strong>

The things you eat every day you forgot are superfoods

Your cupboard is already chock-full of superfoods that let you build muscle, increase brain power and live longer. The caveat? They're all incredibly average (and cheap).

All aboard the Aussie gains train – five local supplement companies taking on the world

From protein powders to BCAAs and everything creatine, here's five Aussie-run supplement companies building local muscle.

How to do the Thanksgiving diet better (and healthier) than Americans

Known to administer more food comas than Christmas and Halloween put together, Thanksgiving is traditionally the biggest eating holiday on the American calendar. Find out how you can do Thanksgiving here in Australia - the healthy way.

Sugar: how much of the sweet stuff should you aim to eat each day?

The case against sugar seems to grow stronger with every new study - so strong that several popular diets even advocate cutting it out altogether.


Kayla Itsines's legs workout for new mums

Kayla Itsines gives step-by-step instructions for new mums who don't want to skip legs day.

Kayla Itsines's arms workout for new mums

Kayla runs through step-by-step instructions for an arms workout you can do at home with easy-to-find equipment, while bub is napping.

The food you should never feed your child: New study bad news for lunchbox favourite

Connoisseurs of potato chips aren't going to like new research pinpointing the foods that are worst for a child's weight.

DIY treatments for breastfeeding back pain and tightness

You expect the labour pain, the sleep deprivation and the sore nipples ... but back pain too? 

Taking up jogging now could help budding mums avoid a lot of pain later

Women with a solid exercise habit before conceiving may avoid some of the pains of pregnancy