Don't freak out, but you could be ageing faster than you think

Scientists develop test that shows some of us are ageing at a rate of up to three years in every 12 months. The horror!

An Olympian's tips for an injury free ski season

Russ Henshaw on why prevention is the best cure when winter rolls around

Up the safety on your run

A sports physiotherapist's recipe for success


Five reasons to ditch the treadmill this winter

It's probably doing most of the work, anyway


How to become top dog on the speed-eating circuit

Eight-time defending champion Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was dethroned by relative newcomer Matt Stonie in Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island

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Activated, ancient, fermented: Why hipster buzzwords aren't necessarily helping your health

Will the age of your grains or activating your almonds actually make you absorb more nutrients, and should you switch off your stove in favour of raw foods?

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'To macro' or not to macro? Why counting macronutrients could be the new ultimate fat-loss plan

Forget fasting – "macros" is the new food plan buzzword, promising to help you achieve your fat loss or muscle-building goals

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World death toll from sugary drinks laid out in new study

Research published by the American Heart Association states that consumption of sugary drinks kill an estimated 184,000 adults around the globe every single year


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Food 'cures' for morning sickness

While eating when you feel under the weather can seem like the worst idea in the world, there are certain foods that can ease the symptoms – at least temporarily

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Mothers celebrate 'perfect imperfections' in striking photo series

Ker-Fox created the Perfect Imperfections project to help her come to terms with her postpartum body

How to work out at home with three little kids

How to work out at home with three little kids

YouTube queen Judy Travis offers one pretty adorable solution to the parent exercise conundrum

Gymnast performs handstand at 35 weeks pregnant

Meet the new mum who competes in men’s gymnastics

After adjusting her training intensity during the pregnancy, Julia Sharpe returns to men's gymnastic competitions


Doctors weigh in on years-long 'syndrome' suffered by mums after birth

Pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing can spark mental and physical health issues, now called postnatal depletion