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Here's how to land someone way out of your league, according to science

Patience is a virtue, and it could also be key to long-lasting love

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From 'ancient' to 'activated'

Why hipster buzzwords aren't necessarily helping your health

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World death toll from sugary drinks laid out in new study

Just under 185,000 adults are dying from soda-related illnesses around the globe every year

Scary new trend for beachgoers

Idiots are selectively applying sunscreen 'for the art'


8 pantry staples for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle

A few choice pantry staples can get you well on your way to leading a #blessed life

Want to lose weight, improve brain function and live longer? Scientists say it could be as simple as fasting for five days per month

In just five short days, you could trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or complete 14 percent of a World Record-rivalling game of Monopoly

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Sally Obermeder and Maha Koraiem's mango magic smoothie

Detoxify hair, skin and nails with an antioxidant-rich super green smoothie


Shake it up: The downsides of drinking your food

Even if a meal replacement shake promises to be packed with good stuff, can it really replace actual eating?


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Food 'cures' for morning sickness

While eating when you feel under the weather can seem like the worst idea in the world, there are certain foods that can ease the symptoms – at least temporarily

Neely Ker-Fox

Mothers celebrate 'perfect imperfections' in striking photo series

Ker-Fox created the Perfect Imperfections project to help her come to terms with her postpartum body

How to work out at home with three little kids

How to work out at home with three little kids

YouTube queen Judy Travis offers one pretty adorable solution to the parent exercise conundrum

Gymnast performs handstand at 35 weeks pregnant

Meet the new mum who competes in men’s gymnastics

After adjusting her training intensity during the pregnancy, Julia Sharpe returns to men's gymnastic competitions


Doctors weigh in on years-long 'syndrome' suffered by mums after birth

Pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing can spark mental and physical health issues, now called postnatal depletion