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Gym goer knocked out cold by over-enthusiastic 'hype man'

A little motivation can go a long way when it comes to success in the gym, and having a gym buddy is a sure-fire way ensure you show up for your next session. But we're not sure how enthusiastic this gym-goer is going to be when he comes to after he was dealt a particularly solid dose of motivation by his over-enthusiastic "hype man". The set-up was posted to Facebook by fitness personality James Alexander-Ellis, and just goes to show that even the best of intentions can backfire when it comes to gym success, especially where tricky equipment and technique are involved…


Acrobatic duo take tandem surfing to another level

As Australians, incredible displays of surfing prowess are part of our day-to-day lives. But friends Lauren Oiye and Chuck Inman have taken the sport to the next level, absolutely thrashing the competition at the Tandem Surfing competition this week in Waikiki, Hawaii. The pair use a combination of gymnastic manoeuvres and sheer strength to carry off the stunts, which won them the 2012 ITSA World Tandem Tour and 2012 ISA World Championship titles. "We attempted to create lifts that have never been done before," Oiye said after the event. "This year we are so excited that many of those lifts we have created will be scored on the new lift chart."


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How to work out at home with three little kids

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